Discount Tickets to Harford Dance Theatre’s Production of Beauty and the Beast at Harford Community College

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Harford Dance Theatre presents “Beauty and the Beast” at Harford Community College May 19-21, 2017.  For a limited time you can get tickets for only $6.40 each when you use the promo code “SMILE20”. Promo code is only valid until 3/19/17 so act fast!

The Deal


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Beauty and the Beast

It’s a fairytale beloved by many: a man steals a rose from the garden of a monstrous Beast, who demands that he remain at his castle as punishment. But one of the man’s daughters, Beauty, exchanges her father’s captivity for her own. During her imprisonment, she discovers the magical truth about The Beast—that he’s not a beast at all, but a former prince afflicted by a curse that can only be broken by true love. Will she grow to love her captor, break the spell, and ensure a happy ending?

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