REVIEW: Monster Jam Royal Farms Arena {Feb. 26-28}

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Friday February 26th marked the return of Monster Jam to Baltimore Maryland at the Royal Farms Arena. This means there are only 7 shows left for the east coast teams before the Monster Jam World Finals. Leading into the night Cole Venard for Team Grave Digger and Bari Musawwir of Team Zombie were in a close race to the Monster Jam Finals. If Cole is able to get there this will be a huge accomplishment for his rookie year. This weekend’s competitors consist of:


Grave Digger driven by Cole Venard


Max-D driven by Jared Eichelberger


Monster Mutt Dalmatian driven by Cynthia Gauthier


Scooby-Doo driven by Brianna Mahon


Zombie driven by Bari Musawwir


El Toro Loco driven by Tristian England


NEA driven by Aaron Basl


Monster Mutt Rottweiler driven by Daron Basl

Opening night in Baltimore played to a packed house with 2 of the 3 remaining shows sold out. Baltimore has always been a sports town and Monster Jam is no exception. The crowd was decked out in t-shirts of their favorite teams and the screams when fan favorites like Zombie, Scooby Doo and the Immortal Grave Digger tore on to the arena floor almost drowned out the thunder of the colossal beast massive engines. We were impressed to see what a family environment this event was. It’s always exciting to see the next generation of gear heads getting revved up for their favorite drivers. It even featured corporate sponsorship from Hot Wheels and by the look of the lines at the merchandise counters all of the Team Trucks were represented.

At the end all of the drivers lined up in the main concourse and signed autographs for anyone who was willing to wait. The evening’s winner Bari Musawwir of Team Zombie even had his own winners thrown to sit proudly on for the night. All of the drivers were very friendly and generous to spend the time that they did with each and every fan. All in all if you have never been to a Monster Jam event now is the time. Monster Jam is at the Royal Farms Arena through Sunday Feb. 28th. If you can’t make it out be sure to catch up with Monster Jam on FS1.

Friday, February 26, 7:30pm Winner – Bari Musawwir, Team Zombie


Monster Jam returns to Maryland in July at the Hagerstown speed way.

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